GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas Game

GTA: San Andreas
  • Developer: Rockstar North
  • Genre: 🚀 Massive Multiplayer, Adventure
  • Version: 2.2
User Rating: Rating 4.64

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Release Date
Oct 26, 2004
Rockstar North
Rockstar Games
🚀 Massive Multiplayer, Adventure
Windows PC


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Keep Your Criminal Influence in the City in GTA: San Andreas Game

Scarlett Cook

GTA: San Andreas is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 26 October 2004 for PlayStation 2, on 7 June 2005 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox. It is seventh title in Grand Theft Auto series, first main entry since 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It was preceded by Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and succeeded by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. A high-definition remaster GTA: San Andreas for PC received a physical release for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 30 June 2015 and 1 December 2015, respectively.


Graphics are great. World is huge, there are plenty of things to do. Graphics are not perfect but they are good enough that you won't be disappointed. Gameplay is great, controls are easy to learn, missions are very fun. Software GTA SA download has a very good multiplayer mode. World is beautifully rendered, characters look realistic. Product features a day-night cycle, which means that the graphics vary depending on time of day. Program has a number of different weather conditions, which affect graphics. Overall, graphics are one of highlights of game.


Gameplay is excellent. There are so many things to do, GTA: San Andreas game download is so huge that you will never get bored. There are missions to do, side quests to do, plenty of things to discover. Open-world nature of game means that there is a huge amount of freedom, player can choose to follow main story missions, or simply explore world and take part in a variety of side missions. Missions GTA: San Andreas for free are well-designed and offer a good challenge, without being too difficult. Combat system is well-implemented, player has a variety of different weapons at their disposal. Driving mechanics are very well done, player can choose to race cars or simply cruise around world.


Multiplayer is good but it is not great. There are some issues with servers, matchmaking can be a bit slow. However, once you get into a GTA: San Andreas online game, multiplayer is a lot of fun. There are plenty of modes to choose from and you can create your own custom games. Multiplayer is very fun and there are a lot of different modes to choose from. You can play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for PC with friends or strangers online. These include races, deathmatches, capture flag. Multiplayer mode is great fun, it adds a lot of replay value to game.


Replayability is excellent. You can always go back and replay missions to get a better score or to try a different approach. You can try to 100% game by completing all of missions, side quests, discovering all of secrets. Replayability is very high because you can play GTA SA online game over, over again and never get bored. There is so much to do in game that you can play it for hours and still not get tired of it. Multiplayer adds a lot of replay value.


  • What can you do in product?
    Game is played from a third-person perspective and its world is navigated on foot or by vehicle. Players can interact with the game world at will, and there are no mandatory missions to progress through story. Players can swim and dive, enabling them to explore game's underwater areas.
  • Who are main characters in soft?
    Three main protagonists are street gangster Carl "CJ" Johnson, former criminal turned government agent Mike Toreno, and young gang member Ryder.
  • What is goal of GTA: San Andreas for Windows 10?
    Goal of game is to become most successful criminal in San Andreas.
  • How long does it take to beat GTA SA?
    Product can be completed in around 20 hours, but there is a lot of side content that can extend playtime to over 100 hours.
  • What are system requirements for soft?
    Minimum system requirements for San Andreas are a Pentium III or Athlon processor, 128 MB of RAM, 8 MB of video card memory, and 1.8 GB of free hard drive space.


Overall, GTA SA game is an excellent. It has great graphics, gameplay, replayability. Multiplayer is good but it could be better. If you are looking for an excellent game to play, then you should definitely check out app.


  • There are a lot of things to do in the game
  • Graphics are amazing
  • Storyline is great
  • You can play with friends online


  • Missions can be a bit repetitive
  • Can be a bit buggy at times

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